I have been a patient for many years with great service and care. Jessica does a flawless job organizing the scheduling and front office functions. Dr. Brian G. Is both super competent and a warm caring practitioner!

Bill T. 4/2021

I was referred to Foot and Ankle Care of Boulder by the Boulder Community Hospital Emergency Room after suffering a foot injury. I recommend Dr Roth and her support practitioners highly. I am grateful for the care I have received and through this process, my injury has healed. Thank you!
Stephanie M.

Stephanie M. 4/2021

Fantastic staff! Excellent care! Highly recommend!!

Randall R 4/2021

Dr. Gradisek is a great doctor. Very thorough. He takes the time to listen carefully, then explains all aspects and options of each particular case, and answer any questions/ concerns. He performed a rather complex surgery on my left foot/ ankle which took care of several issues in one operation. I recently did a followup for other minor issues and he has been just as thorough and helpful with those as well. Recommended.

Robert D. 4/2021

Dr. Roth listens and takes time to answer questions and explain why she is using a specific treatment to relieve pain. Very non rushed atmosphere.

MaryJane S. 4/2021

Everyone was friendly and helpful! Dr. Gradisek answered all of my questions and took plenty of time to educate me on ways to better care for my gait and shoe choices. Thank you!

Rebecca M. 4/2021

Though recovery took a bit longer than my competitive outlook was prepared for...it has made a world of difference in foot pain I previously had. Bunionette surgery on both feet. First (Soccer) game back was last night felt great. great. No foot pain during or after the game. A bit sore today, but that was expected! All the staff is very friendly and attentive to every need. Dr. Roth is not only great at what she does, she is very personable and has great bedside manner!

T. Dickerson 3/2021

I had a bunion repair performed by Dr. Gradisek about three months ago. All I can say is that he had a lot to live up to because his now retired partner performed my first bunion surgery six years ago and he did a great job. Dr. Gradisek clearly explained why he chose the technique he did. He explained in detail what I could expect with potential problems. He spent time answering my many questions. The office staff has always been attentive and easy to work with, like an old time medical office that you don't see much anymore. I was well prepared for surgery and that whole experience went smoothly even having to deal with COVID. Most importantly, at seven weeks post-op, I was released to return to normal activity and even prior to that I spent only one week in a modified platform shoe followed by six weeks in hiking shoes with slowly increasing walking activity. I could not be more thrilled with my new pain free foot! Thank you!!

Andrea C. 2/2021

I have seen Dr. Gradisek for differing issues and each visit he has shown to be knowledgeable, and affable. He allows time to listen, discus and explain any, and all options. Thorough and caring, he is an excellent DPM and has a great bedside manner. I highly recommend Dr. Gradisek, and have 100% confidence in him. He is truly amazing.

Wallace S. 11/2020

I came to Dr Gradisek for a second opinion, he took the time to review my chart and we made a plan of action. He took time to explain everything and answer all my questions. The staff was simply amazing, we had difficulties with insurance and they made sure it was all set before surgery. I would recommend Dr Gradisek and his staff for any of your foot and ankle care needs.

Jessica B. 11/1/2020

Dr. Brian Gradisek is a phenomenal surgeon and one of the best doctors I have worked with. He is incredibly friendly, funny, and spends a lot of time with his patients. He always made sure all of my questions were answered thoroughly and I never felt rushed (as I have with many previous doctors). He did a great job on my ankle surgery - ligament repairs and arthroscopy - and I am amazed by how quickly I have healed. My ankle is stronger than it was before the surgery and the scars are gone in only 2 months. The office is great to work with, and twice they fit me in for appointments on the same day I called. His nurse, Amy, provides excellent follow-up and answered basic questions over the phone so I didn’t need to come in for little things during recovery. They have an x-ray machine in the office, and it took less than 5 minutes to get pre-op and post-op x-rays, which was awesome. I highly recommend Foot and Ankle Care of Boulder and Dr. Brian Gradisek. I don’t usually write reviews

Anna H. 2/2020

I live an hour away from Boulder in a city with quite a few other foot/ankle doctors, but I called this office because the reviews are so stellar and they were able to see me quickly. Dr. Roth somehow managed to make the experience of getting TWO toenails removed--dare I say--pleasant? If that's not the most glowing testament to her excellent skills as a doctor and her wonderful bedside manner, I don't know what is. She was extremely kind and professional in her approach, which really helped quell my embarrassment over what I was calling "a bouquet of toe issues." (Will I regret putting this online one day?) Not only did she make me feel mentally comfortable, but she also ensured the actual procedure was painless and checked in with me throughout to avoid any discomfort. My toes have been healing nicely, and considering the aftercare instructions on my end were minimal, I fully attribute the results to the quality of Dr. Roth's work. I'm grateful for the exceptional care I received in her hands and highly recommend seeing her for any/all foot stuff.

Cassidy C 12/2019

Dr. Gradisek and his team are fantastic! It’s a smaller clinic so everyone knows your name and treats you well. They are extremely responsive and want to ensure you are taken care of. Dr. Gradisek helped cure me of chronic pain in my feet. From his pre-operative appointments, to surgery and post-surgical care, him and his team were AMAZING. Would recommend him and this practice to anyone!

N Barney 11/2019

Well I'm a fan, no free breakfast bagels, or flax-seed cookies here, but its a genuinely friendly office with a sharp podiatrist Dr. Gradisek. I came in for a possible cast/boot for my Jones Fracture, and doc checked the xrays gave it to me real, in short I was lucky I didn't need surgery. I enjoy my visits here as the ladies on staff are genuine people, have some friendly empathy. It make sense because when speaking with the doc is just a friendly, quick, honest chat among people. He brought up two issues the previous doc at an urgent care seemed to have missed, I have not one fracture but two, and apparently I sprained my ankle in the process. Anyway I trust this man's opinion, I'll be back to share my future adventures with them I'm sure. Thank you folks for running a high quality practice.

Peter P 7/2019

We chose Dr. Gradisek based on high reviews which turned out to be true. He is very professional, did not push surgery at all, but we chose surgery for my college age daughter after given all the options. His guidelines for recovery were right on and she is now released to all activities. The staff is very professional and easy to work with.

Mark W 6/2019

Dr. Gradisek performed lateral ankle stabilization surgery on my sixteen-year-old daughter in May 2018. I don’t think I could be more pleased and satisfied with the level of professional care provided. Dr. Gradisek was exactly what you hope to find in a surgeon – professional, knowledgeable and caring. His staff was very warm and friendly and they were always available to answer questions. Her recovery was fast and she was back to full physical activity within eight weeks. It has been eight months since the surgery and she is back to doing competitive cheerleading with no issues!

Mike H. 1/2019

I was a patient of Dr Roth's in Atlantis, FL and I am so very disappointed that she has relocated her practice to Colorado! I am a 68 year old woman from New York who worked in Midtown Manhattan, traveling from Long Island via the Long Island RailRoad, wore sneakers to work and then 3-4" heels for 8-9 hours on the job, over a period of 25 years. I was a snow skier, tennis player, golfer, water skier, ran a half marathon (once) in 2004 and have had Radio Frequency (RF) for pain in both feet from neuromas, had a bone cut in my second toe when in my 30's for a 'beginning hammer toe'. So I'm familiar with several Podiatrists in the north (all were male) and their services were adequate. However, none of them understood the female foot and shoes like Dr. Roth. I was so excited to have found her at last...a woman, compassionate, grounded, understanding, unwilling to cut or resort to extreme measures before exploring all other options first. She explained every xray, medical option and medical terms in simple and direct language. She was able to relate to my symptoms as some of her own. She prescribed homeopathic compounding preparations, as well as recommended her preference of pharmacies, explaining her reasons. She also gave me the option to get these preps from some chain pharmacies, but advised there were other considerations to take into account when deciding. Dr Roth was always clear in her explanations, course of action and caring, clean and gentle while performing exams, removing calluses, clipping nails, giving shots or any other procedure. She has provided me with literature she researched and printed specifically for me that explained my neuroma in detail. She is, by far, the best one to care for a lady's feet! I cannot say enough about her good qualities; professional yet comfortable to talk with, a down-to-earth attitude and a good listener. AND, something I didn't often see from others, a reference not only to a prior condition, but also to some of the conversations we'd had in the past. She's GREAT! MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW! Dr Roth, I MISS YOU! Best wishes for your continued success in your new home and practice

Marianne M 1/2019

Dr Gradisek performed surgery on both my feet in July 2018 and the results and process were exceptional! The procedure was the same for both feet, “Cartiva” (big toe implants) and was for arthritis. The process was efficient, professional and kind. The results were really good; I was on my feet and fully functional in just a few weeks. The pain was quite manageable, but necessary. Per Dr. Gradisek’s recommendation, it was important to commit fully to physical therapy, which I did. My results were significantly better than similar surgery I had previously with another doctor; my progress at 8 weeks with Dr. Gradisek was actually better than my previous surgery at 6 months. Additionally, it is unlikely that I will require additional surgery like I did before.
Thanks again for getting me back on my feet and pain free!

Dan T. 11/2018

I went to Dr. Gradisek for a bunion problem and ended up going through with surgery. True to his word, I was walking the day of, in shoes a week later and back to full running within 6-7 weeks. My foot looks great now and I'm really happy I went through with the surgery. Dr. Gradisek and his staff were easy to work with and I'd recommend them to anyone with foot issues.

Erin K 7/2018

I found Dr. Gradisek literally on the web, saw him for a consult (after many others) on my foot issues and by the time I left the office I was convinced he was my guy. He listened to my problems ,concerns, had a very open mind to my thoughts, wishes, he gave me several of his thoughts, past experiences and outcomes, so I made the decision to have Dr.Gradisek do my surgery and I couldn't be more pleased, he warned me of the ups and downs and length of rehab, and said if "you do what I ask this will all work" and it has! He is very approachable and a great young physician (the world needs more like him). The nurses and front office are great as well, they are professional yet caring, they get messages to the Dr. quickly and he responds quickly. I highly recommend Dr. Gradisek or Dr. Shonka for any foot and ankle problems you might have.

Scott M 6/2018

I highly recommend Dr. Gradisek and staff at Foot & Ankle Care of Boulder County. after 2 1/2 years of pain and a failed cheilectomy (by others), I went to see Dr. G and felt completely at ease with his diagnoses and bedside manner. He did a big toe joint fusion mid December 2017, and a full list of guidelines to heal properly, (long process) and its now just 4 months later and I feel great, as it is still healing, it is a bit tender, Hiked 2 miles 2 week ago in the foothills and all went well, sore, but nothing like before, I have had to make some footwear changes and still learning to "roll off" the fused toe, but I couldn't be happier. I cannot wait to hit the mountain trails in earnest in a short while. If you have any foot problems call them, Dr. Gradisek and his staff are amazing at getting you back on your ol' tired, sore feet or ankles.

Scott M 4/2018

I injured my foot and happen to read great reviews about Dr G so I called hoping for an immediate appointment. Not only were they able to see me an hour after I called only due to a cancellation, but I didn't even finish my paperwork before they took me in for an x-ray. The staff was so friendly and caring. When I saw Dr G I immediately knew I could trust him. He was professional kind, knowledgeable and diagnosed and treated me within minutes. I also appreciated that he "got" that I live in Boulder and need to get back to my hiking an skiing as soon as possible. I am already feeling better and can't recommend this office enough.

A.S. 2/2018

I am a nurse practitioner and went to Dr. Gradisek for bunion surgery on both feet. The outcome is beyond expectations! He has exceptional bedside manner, explains things clearly, is never hurried, and is just a nice guy. Tammy, his assistant, is so nice and the front office people are helpful and nice as well. Dr. G did surgery at the Boulder Surgery Center, which totally rocks - great staff, super modern and clean. I will always go to Dr. Gradisek!

Deborah 11/2017

I just wanted to say thank you so much in particular to Dr. Gradiseck. I had two ruptured plantar plate tendons that he repaired in February and in May I was able to run Bolder Boulder in a time of 39:36 placing 35th and I'm still running great and most importantly pain free. If it wasn't for him I would have been totally screwed so Thank You!!!!!

Shannon K. 6/2017

After years of sprains and joint pain I had my right ankle reconstructed. Best decision I ever made! Dr. Gradisek was the confident compassionate surgeon I needed. He explained to me my options. He described post surgical expectations and was light hearted, patient and caring to the end. Up and walking in a few weeks. Doing most activities in a few months. Doing ALL activities without any braces and completely pain free in under 9 months. Thank you Dr. Gradisek!!!

Francesca H 2/2017

I have been dealing with a weak ankle and long-term pain from rolling my ankle over 4 years ago. Dr Gradisek recommended I have a minimally invasive surgery called subchondroplasty . This is a newer surgical technique and I also chose to use PRP as part of the surgery. I also had a ligament repair. Dr. G took time to really explain how the procedure could benefit me and its' current use in sports medicine. I had a successful surgery and finally have confidence that I can resume my more active lifestyle without fear of rolling my ankle. I cannot say enough about the expertise and compassion demonstrated by Dr. Gradisek. I would recommend him, without reservation, for anyone wanting thoughtful and "cutting edge" treatment.

Amy L. 10/2016