I just wanted to say thank you so much in particular to Dr. Gradiseck. I had two ruptured plantar plate tendons that he repaired in February and in May I was able to run Bolder Boulder in a time of 39:36 placing 35th and I'm still running great and most importantly pain free. If it wasn't for him I would have been totally screwed so Thank You!!!!!

Shannon K.

I have been dealing with a weak ankle and long-term pain from rolling my ankle over 4 years ago. Dr Gradisek recommended I have a minimally invasive surgery called subchondroplasty . This is a newer surgical technique and I also chose to use PRP as part of the surgery. I also had a ligament repair. Dr. G took time to really explain how the procedure could benefit me and its' current use in sports medicine. I had a successful surgery and finally have confidence that I can resume my more active lifestyle without fear of rolling my ankle. I cannot say enough about the expertise and compassion demonstrated by Dr. Gradisek. I would recommend him, without reservation, for anyone wanting thoughtful and "cutting edge" treatment.

Amy L.

Dr Gradisek performed surgery on both my feet in July 2018 and the results and process were exceptional! The procedure was the same for both feet, “Cartiva” (big toe implants) and was for arthritis. The process was efficient, professional and kind. The results were really good; I was on my feet and fully functional in just a few weeks. The pain was quite manageable, but necessary. Per Dr. Gradisek’s recommendation, it was important to commit fully to physical therapy, which I did. My results were significantly better than similar surgery I had previously with another doctor; my progress at 8 weeks with Dr. Gradisek was actually better than my previous surgery at 6 months. Additionally, it is unlikely that I will require additional surgery like I did before.
Thanks again for getting me back on my feet and pain free!

Dan T.

Dr. Gradisek performed lateral ankle stabilization surgery on my sixteen-year-old daughter in May 2018. I don’t think I could be more pleased and satisfied with the level of professional care provided. Dr. Gradisek was exactly what you hope to find in a surgeon – professional, knowledgeable and caring. His staff was very warm and friendly and they were always available to answer questions. Her recovery was fast and she was back to full physical activity within eight weeks. It has been eight months since the surgery and she is back to doing competitive cheerleading with no issues!

Mike H.